Friday, June 28, 2013

This blog is dead!

Sorry for all who love Orochi series. This project is dead, or rather, finished. I managed to finish all game-play parts, which most of other patch did. I was carried by other things in real life and didn't / can't check this page anymore. So, have fun with my patch or try Orochi 3 (Orochi 2 Special).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Musou Orochi Z - English Patch

- First, sorry to all who are waiting for my updates each weeks! I recently are very busy than I thought. I have a main work, freelance work and for past 1 month, I join into a music band also...
- But this not means I'll left my project discontinued like this. I'm planning for release 1 last big update at this X-Mas.
- For all comments, please leave it here since there're too many comments at the previous post.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Musou Orochi Z - English Patch by gthunderex


English Patch by g_thunder_ex

Recently I and my friend are playing Orochi Z on PC Japanese version. So I decide to translate it to English. I simply use Photoshop and hex editor to edit images extracted from game and then re-import them to Orochi Z. This patch is still on going so please patient and I am trying to finish it. And last one, this is an unofficial patch so use it by your own risk.


Texture patch

- Use memory patch launcher, no longer have to manually import files into Linkdata files...
- Battle menu buttons (100%)
- Weapon attributes icons (100%)
- Weapon skills icons (100%)
- Abilities icons (100%)
- Strategy icons (100%)
- Story Scenario select icons (100% - name of forces)
- Story mode stage select (80% - name of stages, chapters, difficulty, etc.)
- Character select - force icons (50%)
- Camp menu buttons (100%)
- Tutorials (100%)
- Option menu buttons (100%)
- Main menu buttons (100%)
- Dream mode stage select (75% - All stage name, 50% characters name)

Conversation patch
Dialogs patches will be always around 80-90% since there're many lines in one stages and they're different depend on the characters you play. So I only translate the important story lines since I don't have time to test all characters...

Orochi 2
Chapter 1 - Battle of Shi Ting
Chapter 2 - Battle of Saika
Chapter 3 - Battle of Nagashino
Chapter 4 - Battle of Wuhang Mountains
Chapter 5 - Battle of Jia Meng Gate
Chapter 6 - Battle of Odani Castle
Chapter 7 - Battle of Koshi Castle
Chapter 8 - Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Chapter 1 - Battle of Si Province
Chapter 2 - Battle of Si Shui Gate

Text patch
- All main characters name. (I use the furigana tempratory since the big text somewhat cause problems atm)
- Some sub-officers (all O2-Shu1).
- All weapons name, not 4 new OZ chars' weapons. (I'll think of some good translation for them later) (100%)
- Button Config screen. (100%)
- Weapon skills upgrade screen: all the skills name and skills descriptions. (100%)
- Abilities' description. (not only names now) (100%)
- All button explaination - the one on the bottom-left screen (99%)
- Attribute name (in list) and description. (100%)
- Strategy description. (100%)
- Move list description (all chars except 4 new chars in OZ)
- Some warning dialogs.
- Stage's description (in stage selection): O1-Shu & all O2-Shu,Wei,Wu,Orochi campaign.
- All treasure name and treasure guides.


(You don't have to download all, just download 3 latest patches (texture, dialog, text patch)

Brief translation (text file) for Dynasty Warrior - Multi Raid 2 (update May 08)

Dialogs & notices reset
Text reset (original Orochi_Z.exe file)

iZ3D - Play Musou Orochi Z in 3D

Red-Cyan optimized mode

Colorcode Amber-blue mode

Text English patch - August 09, 2010 (latest text patch)
UpdateSub-officer's names & condition.

Text English patch - Jun 03, 2010
Text English patch - May 24, 2010
Text English patch - May 19, 2010
Text English patch - May 17, 2010

Dialogs English patch - Jun 23, 2010 (latest dialog patch)
Update dialogs & notice translation for O2 - Wei 1 & 2 (I got all the script for all 8 Wei stages but don't have time to hex edit all of them yet... so be patient...)

Dialogs English patch - May 15, 2010
Dialogs English patch - May 09, 2010
Dialogs English patch - May 08, 2010

English patch - August 09, 2010 (latest texture patch)
English patch - August 09, 2010 - Bin files version (latest texture patch)
- Fix bugs & some minor editing (logo,loading logo...)

Texture English patch - Jun 23, 2010
Texture English patch - May 24, 2010
Texture English patch - May 19, 2010
Texture English patch - Apr 11, 2010
Texture English patch - Apr 04, 2010
Texture English patch - Mar 21, 2010
Texture English patch - Feb 24, 2010
Texture English patch - Feb 21, 2010
Texture English patch - Feb 20, 2010

Editor / Trainer win32
Editor / Trainer win64

Patching Instruction:


1. Turn off your Orochi Z if you are running it
2. Download 3 latest patch (texture, dialog, text)
3. Extract and overwrite "Orochi_Z.exe" in text patch into your Orochi Z folder. (Backup the original file if you want or download it at my blog)
4. Extract "Dialog trans.exe" in dialog patch into Orochi Z folder. Run it and wait until it finish patching.
5. Extract everything in texture patch into Orochi Z folder. Your Orochi Z folder should look like this (with 2 new * folder)
Orochi Z
--- bgm
--- data
--- for limited*
--- movie
--- Reg
--- Zadion*
6. Run the launcher "ldrACC.exe" instead of "OROCHI_Z.exe" to play game. You can config "ldrset.ini" for width and height since it will not use game's settings anymore...
7. HAVE FUN with my patch!

(Click for full size)

Camp interface (title & buttons)

Skills upgrade (Treasure, skills' name, explanation)

Abilities (abilities name & descripton)

Scenario select (clan, chapter, difficulty, name of stages, misc)

Battle menu (titles, buttons)

Distribute EXP (buttons, helper)

Tutorials (100% translated)

Dream mode (name of stages, name of chars (50%), buttons)

Diaglogs translation

Character info (name, stats)

Weapon name (almost done except 4 new OZ chars' weapon)

Button settings

Button explaination, Attribute name & description, warning dialogs

Treasure name and guides

Move list

Stage's descriptions

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Takumi Kobayashi


Kobayashi is a popular female mangaka, famous for angelic ecchi drawing style. Nearly all her manga works have been translated into Chinese. English translation is still in slow progress. Many hentai manga lovers started to know her from Kuno 21 Hotaru. (from H-zip)

MF folder:

Virgin na Kankei (ヴァージンな関係)
volume 1 Japanese English
volume 2 Japanese English
volume 3 Japanese English - uploading
volume 4 Japanese English - uploading
volume 5 Japanese English - uploading
volume 6 (end) Japanese

Itsuka Kachigumi! (いつか勝ち組!)
volume 1 Japanese
volume 2 Chinese
volume 3 Chinese
volume 4 Chinese
volume 5 Japanese

Koi Kara Hajimaru (恋からはじまる) Japanese English

Kuno 21 Hotaru (くノ21ホタル) Japanese

9 Love Letters (九封情書) Japanese

Yawaraka na Hada (柔らかな肌) Japanese

Wild Cats (ワイルドキャッツ) Chinese

My Fair Lady (風騷美女)
volume 1 Chinese
volume 2 Chinese
volume 3 (end) Chinese

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hidemaru [J]


Hidemaru has released many impressive big tit hentai manga books. Mo-Retsu! Boin Sensei, in 5 volumes, is one of his best representative works, full of funny stories about huge boobed lustful female teachers seducing virgin dicks of students everywhere, but only Volume 1 and 2 have been translated into English. And Sweets is also very worthy to read, full of funny stories of a seductive busty female boss and waitresses in a coffee shop, but it’s only translated into Chinese. Taboo and Wacky Family are Hidemaru’s first two comix, both about incest family, especially between mother and son. More of his books will be updated here later. (from H-zip)

MF folder:

Mo-Retsu! Boin Sensei (モーレツ!ボイン先生)
volume 1 Japanese
volume 2 Japanese
volume 3 Japanese
volume 4 Japanese
volume 5 (end) Japanese

Jokkon Boin onsen (ゾッコン!ボイン温泉)
volume 1 Japanese

Ai no Muchi (愛の鞭) Japanese

Gin (罠) Japanese

Koisuru Apron (恋するエプロン) Japanese

“Miss Nugi” The Natural Girl (総天然色ヌキ) Japanese

Amai kajitsu Sweets (甘い果実Sweets)
volume 1 Japanese
volume 2 Japanese

Taboo (禁忌) Japanese

Wacky Family (家族あわせ) Japanese